Anonymous said: I have to agree with the previous posts, your drawings are so similar to those of album covers or other artwork that I understand what the person was trying to say but I also agree with you, it's not so much copying than just being inspired to do your own drawing, i guess because some art pieces look very similar, it's hard to know what the line is between copying and inspiring.

Thanks for taking the time to send me that message. I completely get what you’re saying but on some real shit, i just draw for the sake of drawing. I’m not trying to copy anyone’s art and say it’s my own…I just wanted to fill my sketchbook with shit that I like, it’s as simple as that.

Maybe I shouldn’t have posted shit on tumblr but since I did, I respect that people are entitled to their own opinions and it’s cool if they don’t appreciate things the way I do. I believe in my talents and I know what I’m capable of.. I don’t need validation from anyone.. so with that said, I’m just going to stop posting all together.. I don’t need this anonymous crap.

Deuces ✌️

Anonymous said: so basically ur just copying artwork….

You’re obviously saying that I lack originality but I hope that you realize that pretty much everything in the world does too. Whether it has to do with visual arts, graphic arts or photography…everything is inspired by something.

This is my personal sketchbook that I’ve dedicated to my love for music. If I wanted to copy people’s art to a tee, I would have just printed it out and made it into a scrapbook. You can hate on the fact that I get inspiration from album covers or graphics but im not doing this shit to impress you. I only chose to post this shit because I wanted to share my drawings with people who love and appreciate the same things I do.

If you’re really just doubting my drawing abilities.. send me a picture of yourself and I’ll draw you :)

Anonymous said: did u just trace the drawings?

lol no, I don’t trace them.. I use images that I’ve seen online as inspiration then draw them out by hand

linedancingagain said: What does your spine tattoo say?

It says “I believe that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

Anonymous said: would u evr get a nose job?

I’m not insecure enough to want to change my face - insecurity isn’t cute.

Maybe we can sit down and talk about it sometime… I’m a really great listener, ask anyone that knows me!

soulautopsy said: your spine tattoo is amazing! I'm thinking of doing one.. did it hurt??

Thank you :) - To be honest, it really wasn’t that bad! I must admit that when she got closer to my neck it started to hurt a lot more but the pain is definitely bearable!